Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, en Litecoin

Crypto Prijs Analyse & Overzicht 12 maart: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, en Litecoin

Deze week was behoorlijk spannend in de cryptocurrency markt, aangezien veel van de grote munten erin slaagden om te herstellen. Helaas was dit niet voor allemaal het geval, dus laten we eens kijken naar een Bitcoin Pro aantal van de meest interessante performers van de afgelopen zeven dagen.

Bitcoin is met een krachtige 15,8% gestegen in de afgelopen week, nu de cryptocurrency weer in de buurt van de ATH-prijs komt. Het begon de week met een opleving vanaf steun op $47.200 (.382 Fib) en begon hoger door te stoten in het weekend.

De munt brak zondag terug boven $50.000 en ging maandag verder omhoog naar de begin-maart weerstand op $52.480 (bearish .618 Fib). Naarmate de week vorderde, ralliedde BTC tot het bereiken van $58.000 gisteren. Sindsdien is het vanaf hier teruggevallen naar het $56.112 niveau.

Vooruitkijkend ligt het eerste weerstandsniveau op $57.686 (1.272 Fib Extension). Dit wordt gevolgd door $58.355 (ATH), $60.000 (1.618 Fib Extension – paars), en $62.170 (1.414 Fib extension – blauw).


Ethereum zag deze week ook een sterke stijging na een stijging van 14% om vandaag $1750 te bereiken. De munt veerde op van steun aan de ondergrens van een stijgend prijskanaal tijdens het weekend toen het hoger begon te duwen. Het vond weerstand op $1667 (bearish .5 Fib) op zaterdag en ging door boven deze weerstand op zondag.

Etheruem piekte daarna nog hoger tot het op dinsdag weerstand ontmoette op $1875 (1.414 Fib Extension – geel). Het kon dit niveau niet breken en rolde uiteindelijk over dit niveau terwijl het zijwaarts bewoog rond $1800.

Vandaag daalde ETH met een totaal van 3.7% toen het in de onderste grens van het stijgende prijskanaal daalde, waar het momenteel handelt op $1750.

Vooruitkijkend, als de verkopers het prijskanaal doorbreken, ligt het eerste steunniveau op $1700. Dit wordt gevolgd door $1667 (vorige weerstand), $1580 en $1500.

Aan de andere kant ligt de eerste weerstand nu op $1800. Deze wordt gevolgd door $1875, $1960 (1.272 Fib Extension), en $2036 (ATH prijs).

Etheruem begint opnieuw zwakte te vertonen ten opzichte van Bitcoin. De munt veerde op van 0.031 BTC in het weekend en ging door naar 0.035 BTC in de loop van de week.

Helaas kon het de 0,035 BTC niet overstijgen en rolde het vanaf hier dinsdag over de kop. Sindsdien daalde Etheruem onder het 200-daags EMA en bleef lager gaan om vandaag de 0.031 BTC steun te raken, geleverd door een .786 Fib Retracement).

Vooruitkijkend, als de verkopers onder 0.031 BTC duwen, ligt het eerste steunniveau op 0.0305 BTC (.886 Fib Retracement). Dit wordt gevolgd door 0.03 BTC, 0.0295 BTC (neerwaartse 1.272 Fib Uitbreiding), en 0.0295 BTC (Feb 2020 Highs).

Even Bitcoin couldn’t save MicroStrategy

50% Crash: Even Bitcoin couldn’t save MicroStrategy stock from the crash

The bitcoin price has seen one of its biggest corrections since the bull market began and has been struggling to regain $50,000 ever since. But the scenario is nowhere near as dire for the cryptocurrency as it is for one of its biggest supporters.

Although the company’s share price initially benefited from the BTC purchase, it wasn’t enough to stave off profit-taking and an Crypto Profit eventual, now 58% correction in MicroStrategy. Why did this happen – and what might it say about the current crypto market trend?

MicroStrategy shares fall 50% after buying BTC

One of the biggest catalysts that triggered Bitcoin’s recent bull market was undoubtedly when MicroStrategy announced that it had bought Bitcoin to boost its corporate treasury. From then on, others followed suit and CEO Michael Saylor doubled and tripled his initial purchase.

The price per BTC has risen accordingly, from just over $10,000 to almost $50,000 currently. Along with Bitcoin’s price, MicroStrategy’s shares have risen almost as much, as investors used the company to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency and also bet big on the re-emerging token.

But as bitcoin began to correct amid a choppy macro environment, shares of MicroStrategy have plunged 58%. The chart appears to show a parabola that has now broken, suggesting the correction is nowhere near over.

Could Bitcoin fall victim to the Saylor effect?

Why MicroStrategy is taking such a beating? It could be due to the nervousness of the stock market, which has left the crypto market largely untouched. But it could also be a sign of what is to come instead.

The orange line superimposed behind the MicroStrategy chart above is Coinbase’s BTCUSD price chart. Not every peak and trough is perfectly followed, but the path is close enough to suggest that there may be some correlation between the two.

If there is a correlation, Bitcoin (Kraken CEO bullish on Bitcoin: „It will go to infinity“) is either about to correct another 20-25% or something else is going on. As for the other reasons for the divergence, it could boil down to the fact that there are now more opportunities to expose BTC to traditional markets than there were a year ago.

Another possibility is that CEO Michael Saylor’s BTC-buying spree is slowly being seen as irrational and former believers are now jumping ship. Saylor, who now has „laser eyes“ on Twitter, is one of cryptocurrency’s biggest proponents, but doesn’t always back the right things at the right time – even if the technology itself he backs is a sure thing.

Saylor was once considered the biggest loser of the dot-com bubble, but ultimately the internet prevailed. Few argue that Bitcoin will eventually do the same – but could this scenario that Saylor has encountered in the past play out again?

Square købte $ 170 millioner i Bitcoin og voksede $ 4750 millioner sidste år

Square har altid støttet Bitcoin, og det har vist sig godt. Bitcoin voksede næsten 5X, siden den først købte den, og nu købte den endnu mere.

Virksomheden Elektronisk betalingsbehandling Square har været stærkt involveret i Bitcoin og har tredoblet sin egenkapital stille.

På sin meddelelse om resultat for fjerde kvartal og hele året 2020 denne torsdag afslørede firmaet, der ejes af Jack Dorsey – som også er administrerende direktør for Twitter – at det efter det oprindelige Bitcoin-køb fortsatte med at købe Bitcoin Up, indtil det havde 3.318 mere BTC i alt. på 170 millioner dollars.

Virksomheden afslører ikke, om det hele var i en transaktion. Alligevel er det højst sandsynligt, at det involverede flere OTC-handler på kritiske øjeblikke (fx under en korrektion nedad), som MicroStrategy gjorde.

Kvadratrapporter betydelig vækst

Med dette køb ejer virksomheden ca. 5% af sin samlede egenkapital i Bitcoin ifølge de oplysninger, der er videregivet til investorer og delt på en PR.

Ting viste sig godt for Dorsey’s firma. Meddelelsen skitserede, at af indtægterne på 4,5 mia. Dollar kom 1,76 mia. Dollars af omsætningen alene i fjerde kvartal, en eksponentiel stigning i forhold til fjerde kvartal året før.

Alt dette var muligt takket være den meteoriske stigning i Bitcoin, som værdsatte betydeligt efter andre virksomheder som PayPal, MicroStrategy og Tesla fulgte i Square’s fodspor og foretog massive Bitcoin-køb, hvilket spændte markederne.

Square har været en pioner inden for Bitcoin-investeringer på institutionelt niveau. Faktisk var dens første meddelelse om et BTC-køb på 50 millioner dollars i 2020 en af ​​katalysatorerne for Bitcoins opadgående tyrbevægelse, der fremdrev sin stigning mod det hidtil umulige $ 20K-mærke.

Og Square CEO Jack Dorsey har en tydelig indflydelse på denne filosofi. Dorsey er en hardcore og meget vokal Bitcoiner. Ved flere lejligheder delte han sin vision om, at Bitcoin kunne være en global internetvaluta og har rost dens decentrale egenskaber.

Square’s CashApp har altid understøttet Bitcoin

CashApp giver sine brugere mulighed for at købe Bitcoin og nogle aktier samt sende og modtage penge næsten øjeblikkeligt. Det muliggør også overførsel af tokens med en brugeroplevelse så glat som en bankplatform.

P2P bitcoin-overførselstjenesten havde kørt på platformen siden 2013, men CashApp introducerede først support til Bitcoin-køb med fiat-penge i 2018.

Virksomheden fortalte sine investorer, at købene stemmer overens med dets „løbende forpligtelse til bitcoin.“ Som en del af deres virksomhedsstrategi håber de at balancere deres egenkapital og tilføje mere bitcoin, når de vokser deres indtægter.

USA: the financial section soon to be led by a pro-crypto?

Change in perspective? – The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can almost decide life and death on a crypto project. Just look at the case of Ripple , whose XRP token has been classified as securities . The upcoming appointment of a new SEC chairman is therefore being watched closely in the cryptosphere.

US market watchdog will soon have a new chief

Former SEC chairman Jay Clayton wasn’t necessarily hostile to cryptocurrencies, as long as they didn’t play too much on its sacrosanct securities law (the Securities Act of 1933).

Shortly before his retirement from the post of chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton even said of Bitcoin (BTC) that not only did the king of cryptos not qualify as securities , but that he also considered it „a system. payment and a store of value ” !

According to a section of Brave NewCoin , a mixture of optimism and caution is now set as the favorite candidate of Joe Biden to take the incoming Presidency of the SEC would be Gary Gensler .

The man was notably chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) from 2009 to 2014, the other great regulator of the US markets .

So, good or bad for crypto? We release the 50/50 joker

On the optimistic side , we can say that the man is familiar with the crypto-asset sector and blockchain technology (DLT). According to the crypto-media CoinDesk , which quotes him, Gary Gensler considers that:

“Satoshi Nakamoto (…) has solved the thorny issue of payments, to securely move OTC value over the Internet, while avoiding double spending (…) This [blockchain] technology has the real potential to be a catalyst for change. “

As for caution , it will be remembered that in 2018 , the possible future president of the SEC was considering considering Ripple’s XRP , but also Ethereum (ETH), as potentially securities .

Then in 2019 , Gary Gensler was also among the first and most vocal to step up to denounce the old version of stablecoin of Facebook – the Libra – as a security .

As for ETFs ( Exchange Traded Fund ), a version of which replicating the price of Bitcoin has still been under discussion for several years , the mystery about its position remains unresolved. Hester Peirce , who is currently the only member of the SEC to be in favor of a Bitcoin ETF, hopes to be able to work with Gary Gensler to „bring more regulatory clarity to the crypto-asset sector“ .

XRP bounces but its trend reversal remains to be confirmed

XRP trades between long term support and resistance located at $ 0.23 and $ 0.32.

The price is also following a short term upward support line.

The trend is not upwards until the price has returned to the $ 0.47 zone.

The price of XRP has been rising since December 29. That said, that rally may just be a retracement in response to the rapid decline that took place between December 19 and 23.

XRP’s trend cannot be considered upward until it has returned to the $ 0.45 area.

Long term level

Since peaking at $ 0.78 on November 21, 2020, the price of XRP has suffered a massive decline of 61%. It has, however, been up from its low of $ 0.172 on December 29.

This drop took Ethereum Code down to support at $ 0.23, before it started to rebound. XRP is currently trading in a range of $ 0.23 to $ 0.30.

Although technical indicators are bearish, price has not retraced significantly since its fall.

The 0.382 fibonacci retracement level (which is often the minimum retracement amount of a move) is found at $ 0.40. The fibonacci retracement level is for its part at $ 0.47.

A rally to the 0.5 level would go a long way in indicating a possible uptrend in XRP

Cryptocurrency trader @Crediblecrypto shared a chart of XRP, indicating that it will likely follow a rally towards the $ 0.46 area.

Its passage of this zone or the rejection of the latter will be a major element in determining the direction of the trend. This is consistent with our analysis and the areas of resistance that we have highlighted.

An observation of the daily chart reinforces the importance of the resistance located at $ 0.47. This is because this is both the 0.618 fibonacci retracement level of the second portion of the downward movement, as well as an old support area.

The current upward move was preceded by considerable bullish divergences in the daily RSI. The MACD, RSI and Stochastic Oscillator are all higher, supporting a possible bullish continuity.

A bullish cross in the Stochastic Oscillator and the RSI moving above 50 would likely signal a trend reversal.

Bitcoin rocket knows no limits and reaches new maximum of R$ 200 thousand

Bitcoin reaches a new ATH of R$ 200 thousand after rising more than 30% in 2021 alone.

After 62 days of the maximum of R$100 thousand reais, the Bitcoin went up in an impressive way, reaching R$200 thousand reais after going up 12% only this Wednesday (6) and more than 30% only in 2021.

Bitcoin’s rise was largely driven by political conflicts in the United States, involving the inauguration of President Biden. The armed conflict in Washington further ignited the national political scene, which has already been aggravated by the new variant of the coronavirus, this time causing curfews instead of lockdowns to protect the coronavirus.

While the Bitcoin Era narrative as a crisis protection asset grows stronger, international investors increase their contributions and generate what is being known as the ‚Bitcoin arms war‘.

As a deflationary asset with limited and pre-established supply, new Bitcoin is created in a decreasing way and has a maximum ceiling. As interest increases, but it is not possible to increase the bitcoin supply in circulation to meet this supply, the price of the asset rises.

However, in a scenario of widespread crisis, Bitcoin seems to be the only answer, because it is not directly influenced by institutional policies of governments in particular. Thus, political crises accelerate day after day the process of accession and interest of the world’s largest cryptomeda.

In addition to Bitcoin, other Altcoins have also reached new heights. XRM, Stellar’s token, has benefited from the legal problems XRP faces with the SEC, rising more than 100% in just one day. OEther, the second currency in market capitalization has also impressed investors by rising more than 70% since the day began.

In addition to new price highs, the market capitalization of the cryptomorphs reached a much awaited mark, the first $1 trillion.

I’m starving‘: The pain and suffering of those who lost everything at Unick Forex

Unick Forex traders‘ pain and despair messages serve as a warning for new people who wish to enter the Bitcoin universe so that they don’t fall for false promises and tricks

In the fourth report of the series of material about the supposed financial pyramid Unick Forex (the other reports can be checked in the links 1, 2 and 3) the Cointelegraph will show the pain and suffering of those who bet everything believing in the easy money promises of Leidimar Lopes and today is fighting to remake life.

These are messages from simple people who in some cases instead of asking for reimbursement of all their money asked the president to pay at least R$ 500 reais to buy milk for their children.

Stories of people who ran away from hunger in their country and, believing in Unick, lost what little they conquered in Brazil and faced difficulties again in an unknown land.

All messages were taken from Leidimar Lopes‘ Telegram, which did not answer any of the messages and did not answer any of the calls.

Many of the messages are from people who had no direct contact with Leidimar but others are from people who were on Leidimar’s personal list, but they also remained unanswered and without his money.

Top 5 Kryptowährungen, die diese Woche zu sehen sind: BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, THETA

Wenn Bitcoin in den nächsten Tagen eine geringfügige Korrektur oder Konsolidierung erfährt, könnten ausgewählte Altcoins davon profitieren.

Die Angebots- und Nachfragegleichung bestimmt den Preis eines Vermögenswerts

In den letzten Monaten hat der Anstieg der institutionellen Nachfrage nach Bitcoin ( BTC ) zu einem starken Aufwärtstrend geführt. Dieser Aufwärtstrend kann sich fortsetzen, bis die Nachfrage das Angebot übersteigt.

On-Chain-Daten zeigen zwei Abhebungen von jeweils mehr als 12.000 Bitcoin aus Coinbase Pro in dieser Woche, was knapp unter den 28.000 im November abgebauten Bitcoin liegt. Dies deutet darauf hin, dass die Nachfrage von institutionellen Anlegern auch nach der jüngsten Rallye von Bitcoin Code intakt bleibt, da sie langfristig optimistisch sind.

In einem Interview mit Cointelegraph sagte der zweitreichste Mann Mexikos, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, dass Bitcoin seine „beste Investition aller Zeiten“ gewesen sei. Salinas hat ungefähr 10% seines liquiden Portfolios in Bitcoin und er hat es nicht eilig zu verkaufen, da er „noch fünf oder zehn Jahre herum sitzen“ möchte.

Die starke Nachfrage und das HODLing durch institutionelle Anleger haben die Marktkapitalisierung von Bitcoin erstmals auf über 500 Milliarden US-Dollar erhöht .

Es hat auch die Marktdominanz von Bitcoin auf über 70,5% gesteigert, was darauf hindeutet, dass der Geldzufluss größtenteils in Bitcoin erfolgte

Irgendwann fließt jedoch kein frisches Geld mehr in Bitcoin, was zu einer Korrektur oder Konsolidierung führen kann. Händler können dann ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf ausgewählte Altcoins lenken, die an Dynamik gewinnen könnten.

Schauen wir uns die Charts der fünf wichtigsten Kryptowährungen an, die sich in den nächsten Tagen erholen könnten.

Der Bitcoin-Preis überschritt am 25. Dezember den Overhead-Widerstand von 24.302,50 USD und setzte den Aufwärtstrend fort. Dieser Ausbruch hat ein Ziel von 28.664,04 USD und der Preis erreichte heute ein Intraday-Hoch bei 28.419,94 USD .

Der unaufhörliche Anstieg des BTC / USD-Paares hat Händler angezogen, die am Rande auf einen Einbruch gewartet hatten. Institutionelle Investoren, Momentum-Händler und Spekulanten haben sich ebenfalls der Partei angeschlossen, die den Aufwärtstrend intakt gehalten hat.

Das derzeitige Anstiegstempo ist jedoch nicht nachhaltig. Der lange Docht des heutigen Kerzenhalters deutet auf eine Gewinnbuchung auf höheren Ebenen hin. Selbst wenn sich der Aufwärtstrend fortsetzt, könnte das Paar erneut mit einem Verkauf nahe der 30.000-Dollar-Marke konfrontiert sein.

Wenn der Aufwärtstrend ins Stocken gerät, könnten die kurzfristigen Händler zum Ausstieg eilen und dies könnte den Preis auf den exponentiellen gleitenden 20-Tage-Durchschnitt (22.613 USD) zurückziehen. Wenn diese Unterstützung gilt, könnte das Paar erneut versuchen, den Aufwärtstrend fortzusetzen.

Andererseits könnte eine Pause unter der 20-Tage-EMA den Preis auf die kritische Unterstützung von 20.000 USD drücken. Daher können Händler vermeiden, höhere Preise zu verfolgen.

Miami mayor praises Bitcoin as ’stable investment product‘ in times of crisis

Mayor Francis Suarez follows the advice of some well-known crypto experts.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is the next influential person to publicly praise Bitcoin (BTC), further underscoring the adoption of the market-leading cryptocurrency.

In a related tweet on Thursday, Suarez calls Bitcoin a „stable investment product in a year marked by incredible instability“. To this, he added that he has been educated about the digital currency by prominent crypto experts such as Tyler Winklevoss and Anthony Pompliano.

Both Winklevoss and Pompliano Bitcoin Victory subsequently responded to Suarez’s tweet. Tyler, for example, said he plans to bring the Miami mayor, along with his brother Cameron, a signed copy of their book, Bitcoin Billionaires, the next time they are in town.

Pompliano, meanwhile, said Miami is well on its way to becoming the first „Bitcoin City“ in the US. An idea that another Twitter user also picked up on, suggesting that the mayor should also incorporate blockchain technology into the city’s political life. Suarez does not seem averse to this, as he replied, „We will definitely look into that!“

Francis Suarez was elected mayor of Miami in November 2017 as a non-partisan candidate. Prior to his career in politics, he had worked as a lawyer and was involved in the real estate industry.

Miami is being touted as one of the most interesting hubs for cryptocurrencies in the US, due to the city’s lax regulation and abundant capital. The North American Bitcoin Conference, attended by notable industry figures such as Charles Hoskinson, Roger Ver and Riccardo Sagni, was held in Miami earlier this year.

The current skyrocketing of the market-leading cryptocurrency, driven by increased interest from major investors and corporations, has put Bitcoin back in the spotlight. Adoption of the cryptocurrency is increasingly seen as an advantage in times of crisis and economic uncertainty.

Após a mudança de $1000, Bitcoin Back Acima de $18K: Cardano Sobe 16% (Crypto Market Watch)

Bitcoin acrescentou $1.000 em um dia para chegar a $18.000, ETH recupera $550. Os impressionantes 35% de ganhos semanais da ADA levaram a Cardano ao top-7 por limite de mercado.

Depois de ter gasto cerca de $16K – $17K por alguns dias, a Bitcoin Machine subiu de volta acima de $18K. A maioria das moedas alternativas também aumentou de valor, adicionando $30 bilhões ao total do limite de mercado em um dia.

A bitcoin salta para $18K

Após as fortes quedas de preços do início desta semana que resultaram na perda de mais de $3.000 em horas por parte da BTC, o ativo consolidou-se em torno de $17.000 por alguns dias.

O Bitcoin fez mais algumas quedas abaixo desse nível. Entretanto, a situação mudou durante o fim de semana. A principal moeda criptográfica foi rasgada, quebrou acima de 17.000 dólares e não olhou para trás desde então. Há alguns minutos, ela até pulou acima de $18.000.

BTCUSD. Fonte: BTCUSD: TradingView

Curiosamente, a queda substancial de 16% nos preços no início desta semana não afetou o sentimento da mídia social Bitcoin. De acordo com a empresa de análise de moedas criptográficas Santiment, os comentários positivos permaneceram otimistas, apesar da evolução dos preços.

„Esta é apenas a 4ª vez desde 2017 que o sentimento da BTC se mantém tão positivo“, acrescentou a empresa.

Altcoins Rejoice, Cardano No Top 7

As moedas alternativas tiveram desempenho ainda pior do que a BTC durante a queda de preços do Dia de Ação de Graças. O Ethereum passou de sua alta anual de $620 para $485. O cachimbo chegou a atingir $0,80 antes de se afundar em $0,46.

Entretanto, tanto estes ativos, como a maioria dos outros altcoins, tiveram uma boa recuperação durante o fim de semana. Numa escala de 24 horas, a ETH ganhou mais 6% e negocia em torno de $550. O XRP está de volta a aumentos de dois dígitos (13%) e está acima de $0,60.

Bitcoin Cash (4,5%), Litecoin (7%), Polkadot (4%) e Chainlink (4%) também estão no verde a partir dos dez primeiros. No entanto, Cardano os superou a todos com um aumento de 15%. Como resultado, a ADA conquistou o 7º lugar em termos de capitalização de mercado, de acordo com a CoinGecko.

Como era de se esperar, as tampas mais baixas e médias aumentaram ainda mais acentuadamente. A Horizen lidera com um aumento de preços de 25%. Seguem Zilliqa (23%), Dash (18%), Nexo (18%), Numeraire (15%), IOTA (13%), Orchid (11%), Qtum (11%), e Ocean Protocol (10%).

No total, o limite total do mercado criptográfico aumentou para US$ 535 bilhões. Este é um aumento de US$ 30 bilhões desde ontem e US$ 50 bilhões desde a queda do Dia de Ação de Graças.

Microstrategy schnappt sich 475 Millionen Dollar in Bitcoin im Jahr 2020 – Doppelter BTC-Betrag im November gefördert

Microstrategy hat weitere 50 Millionen Dollar an Bitcoin in die Hände gelegt, wobei der Gesamtkauf von BTC im Jahr 2020 fast doppelt so hoch ist wie im November
Microstrategy schnappt sich 475 Millionen Dollar in Bitcoin im Jahr 2020 – Doppelter BTC-Betrag im November gefördert

Microstrategy bringt mehr Bitcoin in seinen Vorrat
Microstrategy erhält fast den doppelten BTC-Anteil als im November abgebaut wurde
CZ zu einem Gespräch mit Michael Saylor über Bitcoin
Grayscale besitzt mehr Bitcoin als Microstrategy
Michael Saylor hat seinen Ruf als überzeugter Bitcoin-Gläubiger bestätigt, indem er BTC weitere 50 Millionen Dollar aus den Barreserven von Microstrategy zur Verfügung stellte.

Mit dem Gesamtkauf von 475 Millionen Dollar an BTC in diesem Jahr hat Microstrategy fast doppelt so viel BTC gekauft, als die Bergarbeiter im November dieses Jahres produziert haben.

Microstrategy bringt mehr Bitcoin in seinen Vorrat
Der börsennotierte Business-Software-Riese Microstrategy, angeführt von dem lautstarken Bitcoin-Befürworter Michael Saylor, hat weitere 50 Millionen Dollar seiner Barreserven für BTC ausgegeben, wie in den vergangenen Stunden in den Medien berichtet wurde.

Das Unternehmen führte das Geschäft durch und erwarb 2.574 Bitcoins zu einem Preis von 19.427 Dollar pro BTC. Die gleiche Menge an Bargeld wurde für Bitcoin von Square unter der Leitung des Twitter-CEO Jack Dorsey Anfang dieses Jahres gezahlt, nachdem Microstrategy seinen ersten Bitcoin-Kauf getätigt hatte.

Jetzt ist die Bitcoin-Position von Michael Saylors Unternehmen auf etwa 40.824 Bitcoin gestiegen, wie aus Saylors jüngstem Tweet hervorgeht.

Microstrategy erhält fast den doppelten BTC-Anteil als im November abgebaut wurde.
Nach den von Coin98 Analytics mitgeteilten Daten erwarb Microstrategy in diesem Jahr insgesamt 40.824 Bitcoins.

Das ist jedoch nur fast doppelt so viel wie im November von Krypto-Minern erwirtschaftet wurde.

Laut den Daten der oben genannten Analytikfirma produzierten die Bergleute im November dieses Jahres 27.881 Bitcoins.

CZ zu einem Gespräch mit Michael Saylor über Bitcoin
Dieser Schritt von Microstrategy hat eine positive Reaktion auf Krypto-Twitter ausgelöst. Der CEO von Binance, CZ, beabsichtigt nun, Michael Saylor nächste Woche zu einem Kamingespräch mitzunehmen.

Graustufen absorbiert 137 Millionen Dollar mehr Bitcoin in den letzten 24 Stunden, insgesamt 12,6 Milliarden Dollar AUM
Grayscale besitzt mehr Bitcoin als Microstrategy
Der Gesamtkauf von Microsrategy im Jahr 2020 entspricht 40.824 BTC. Im Vergleich dazu kaufte der von Barry Silbert angeführte Fonds Grayscale Investments allein im November 55.015 BTC – das ist doppelt so viel BTC wie die Bergarbeiter in diesem Monat erwirtschaftet haben.

Wie Michael Saylor jedoch mehrfach öffentlich deutlich machte, besteht das Ziel seines Unternehmens nicht darin, Gewinne aus BTC zu erzielen, sondern seine Liquidität vor dem aktuellen USD-Rückgang zu bewahren.

Was Grayscale betrifft, so hat der lautstarke Bitcoin-Kritiker und heutige Kritiker von Grayscale, Peter Schiff, das Unternehmen von Barry Silbert kürzlich als den größten Bitcoin-Käufer bezeichnet.