Bitcoin rocket knows no limits and reaches new maximum of R$ 200 thousand

Bitcoin reaches a new ATH of R$ 200 thousand after rising more than 30% in 2021 alone.

After 62 days of the maximum of R$100 thousand reais, the Bitcoin went up in an impressive way, reaching R$200 thousand reais after going up 12% only this Wednesday (6) and more than 30% only in 2021.

Bitcoin’s rise was largely driven by political conflicts in the United States, involving the inauguration of President Biden. The armed conflict in Washington further ignited the national political scene, which has already been aggravated by the new variant of the coronavirus, this time causing curfews instead of lockdowns to protect the coronavirus.

While the Bitcoin Era narrative as a crisis protection asset grows stronger, international investors increase their contributions and generate what is being known as the ‚Bitcoin arms war‘.

As a deflationary asset with limited and pre-established supply, new Bitcoin is created in a decreasing way and has a maximum ceiling. As interest increases, but it is not possible to increase the bitcoin supply in circulation to meet this supply, the price of the asset rises.

However, in a scenario of widespread crisis, Bitcoin seems to be the only answer, because it is not directly influenced by institutional policies of governments in particular. Thus, political crises accelerate day after day the process of accession and interest of the world’s largest cryptomeda.

In addition to Bitcoin, other Altcoins have also reached new heights. XRM, Stellar’s token, has benefited from the legal problems XRP faces with the SEC, rising more than 100% in just one day. OEther, the second currency in market capitalization has also impressed investors by rising more than 70% since the day began.

In addition to new price highs, the market capitalization of the cryptomorphs reached a much awaited mark, the first $1 trillion.

I’m starving‘: The pain and suffering of those who lost everything at Unick Forex

Unick Forex traders‘ pain and despair messages serve as a warning for new people who wish to enter the Bitcoin universe so that they don’t fall for false promises and tricks

In the fourth report of the series of material about the supposed financial pyramid Unick Forex (the other reports can be checked in the links 1, 2 and 3) the Cointelegraph will show the pain and suffering of those who bet everything believing in the easy money promises of Leidimar Lopes and today is fighting to remake life.

These are messages from simple people who in some cases instead of asking for reimbursement of all their money asked the president to pay at least R$ 500 reais to buy milk for their children.

Stories of people who ran away from hunger in their country and, believing in Unick, lost what little they conquered in Brazil and faced difficulties again in an unknown land.

All messages were taken from Leidimar Lopes‘ Telegram, which did not answer any of the messages and did not answer any of the calls.

Many of the messages are from people who had no direct contact with Leidimar but others are from people who were on Leidimar’s personal list, but they also remained unanswered and without his money.